The next generation of fun ETM workouts, an outstanding resource for Instructors.

The XO CIZE® workout provides fun, effective, yet simple exercise programmed to the best playlists.

Our training course offers instructors carefully designed routines with unique programming methods, funky cue sheets, guidance, and expertise to help you teach the best ETM classes to large community audiences with ease.

Designed for all fitness levels, this full-body workout is a blend of cardio aerobics, followed by standing resistance work using light dumbbells and some toning mat work.

The XO CIZE ® workout was devised by Sarah Frost from years of experience teaching large community classes. Sarah wanted to provide a super ETM resource for instructors to make teaching large diverse community audiences easier and offer an enticing effective ETM workout that even the most uncoordinated and reluctant participant could master and enjoy.

Using simple but effective, functional exercise to music that participants know and love, fusing cardio, strength and toning for an effective full-body workout, the result is a powerful experience that shapes the physique, floods the body with endorphins, educates, empowers and changes negative ideas about exercise. Enjoy it!

STANDING RESISTANCE using light dumbbells

The course

To be eligible for our training programme you will require a Level 2 ETM or equivalent qualification in group exercise/dance (qualified within the last 5 years).

The course is a super progression from Level 2 ETM if you are new to teaching, or for anyone who has been teaching group fitness for a long time who would like a new concept and fresh supply of material to add to their timetable.

Our course fee is just £99.00 and you have the opportunity to earn up to £50 of this back through the member partner scheme within the first 12 months.

The course includes:

  • Welcome Pack (ebook)
  • XO CIZE Instructor Manual (ebook)
  • Two XO CIZE routines from the routines2go library
  • Link to Online Induction Session (3 hours), via Zoom


Our monthly subscription fee is only £4.99 per month, which includes:

  • Access to XO CIZE routines each month
  • Access to a resources folder which includes useful information and marketing material
  • Listing on our register of official XO CIZE instructors
  • Ongoing support to promote your classes and grow your business

Partner Member Scheme

If you would like to take advantage of our current partner member scheme, you can use your creative flair and skills to create some XO CIZE routines*. You will receive £25 per routine that is approved and accepted into the routines2go library.

Not only do you therefore have the opportunity to receive over half of your original course fee back for your contribution, you can enjoy fully immersing yourself into the XO experience and being part of the team.

If you don’t want to join the scheme – it’s no sweat! you simply complete the course and pay your monthly subscription of £4.99 per month to teach XO CIZE on your timetable.

*a maximum of 2 routines and within 12 months of your first monthly subscription payment, T&C’s apply.

How to sign up

Submit the Instructor enquiry form below. We will then send you further information on the course, T&C’s and official booking form/payment details.

Submit proof of your prerequisite fitness qualification (min Level 2) before you make payment.

Once payment has been made you will receive your Welcome Pack and Official XO CIZE Instructors Manual.

Complete a few easy tasks and attend the 3-hour online induction session.

You’re all set to go and XO!