Official XO CIZE Instructor Course Terms and Conditions

By purchasing and completing an XO CIZE Instructor Course you understand and confirm your agreement to the following terms:


General Terms

You may not teach anyone else to teach this exercise concept whether they call it XO CIZE or any similar name.

Only Registered XO CIZE Instructors can stand in for your class / training session and call it XO CIZE.

You will not share any course material, pre or post course resources in any format at any time.

You will not record, post or share any video footage of any XO CIZE routines or choreography on any social media or other public sites, this includes filming yourself performing the routines whilst delivering a class.

Breach of any regulations contravenes Statutory Trademark Rights owned by XO CIZE and renders you liable for prosecution. XO CIZE will rigorously protect its intellectual property rights.

You will not set up in competition with XO CIZE nor teach ANY similar concept via an instructor training course to another person.

Once your application form has been received you will be emailed within 3 working days to confirm your application has been accepted.

If we have any concerns with regards to your application, i.e., you have not provided us with footage of you instructing or we feel that XO CIZE is not the right course for you right now, we will write back with our recommendations.

Once your application has been accepted, we will email you to request payment.

Most payments are made by PayPal or bank transfer.

A contract is entered into once we have received payment from you.

You confirm the information you have provided on your application form is true and correct at the time of the booking and should we discover this information is incorrect we can terminate you booking and registration at any time. You agree to keep us updated with any change of information.

By purchasing an XO CIZE Instructor Course, you are confirming at the time of booking you are fit to attend and qualified to take part in the course.

NO video recording on the training course is permitted other than by us on prior agreement. No recording of any of the routines on screen or otherwise is permitted. Any breach of this is a breach of our intellectual property rights and breaches the confidentially and privacy rights of others who are taking part.



Prices are correct at the time of publication.  XO CIZE reserves the right to change its prices at any time.


Course Cancellation

Upon receipt of your booking confirmation, you have 7 working days to cancel your booking and receive a refund. After this period no refunds are provided.

If you are unable to attend a course, we require notification of 7 days min leading up to the course. With 7 + days notification we will transfer you onto another course free of charge. If you are unwell and need to transfer within 7 days of the course, we may ask for a Doctor’s note to be able to transfer you onto a later course.

Please contact head office as soon as possible if you don’t think you can attend a course and we will help. Refer to our Cancellation Policy.


Monthly Subscription Fee

Once you have completed the XO CIZE Instructor Course you will be required to pay the membership subscription fee. This enables us to maintain a register of all the XO CIZE instructors and protect the quality of the product and trademark of the brand XO CIZE. The monthly subscription fee also entitles XO CIZE registered instructors to the following services:

  • to be registered as an official XO CIZE Instructor on our website
  • promotion on our website and social media sites
  • to receive reduced rates on XO CIZE equipment and merchandise
  • to receive advice and business support
  • access to 3 routine releases from the routines2go library every month and another full class every three months
  • the option to attend a FREE monthly tutorial to learn the new monthly releases
  • access to the XO CIZE Instructor Facebook group for ongoing support

Once you have completed the course, if we feel that you would benefit from additional support to ensure you are able to instruct to the required standard for XO CIZE we will insist that you attend the monthly tutorial so that we can support you to reach the standard required.

We reserve the right to withdraw your license and membership should you not take on the additional support offered to you or should you not reach the required standard within a 6-month period.


Subscription Fee Payment

You understand that it is your responsibility to pay your monthly/annual registration and subscription fee to XO CIZE to remain registered and instruct as an XO CIZE Instructor and have access to the routines2go library. Additionally, you may only use the name XO CIZE if practiced safely and remain registered.

Your membership subscription can be cancelled with just one month’s notice given, however once cancelled you will lose all of your instructor benefits, you must not use any XO CIZE material, and you must not Instruct as an XO CIZE Instructor nor delivery XO CIZE classes in the style of XO CIZE nor call your classes XO CIZE.

Instructors can take payment holidays if injured or on maternity leave but will not be able to run any classes during this time, terms and conditions apply.


Your first monthly subscription payment will be required at the time of booking your training course.

In the future, when no longer teaching, it is the responsibility of the Instructor to cancel their own standing order or PayPal re-occurring payment with their bank/ PayPal account.

If company’s wish to pay for their employees’ course and subscription fees we can invoice them on receipt of an official purchase order.



XO CIZE accepts no responsibility or liability for any claims made against you as an XO CIZE Instructor whatsoever. You, as the Instructor accept full liability for any damages caused as a result of taking part in this course and subsequently teaching XO CIZE classes. You will be operating as a self-employed individual paying a subscription to XO CIZE for material and resources that you choose to use at your own risk. You will need to ensure therefore that you are fully aware of all your legal responsibilities and obligations both in terms of health and safety and regarding finances. You will need to ensure that you are fully covered legally by our own Insurance and have your own risk protection policies in place.


Online Training

By purchasing an XO CIZE online training course you agree to take part in a 6-hour course from 10am – 4pm that will be hosted via the platform Zoom.

You agree to complete all the pre-course training tasks and be fully prepared with all the resources you require to take part in the training day as outlined in the information letter and Pre-Training Welcome Pack.


 Zoom Technical Difficulties Policy / Transfers

If for some reason the Zoom training on the day of the course is interrupted significantly by head offices Wi-Fi / Power Cut, we will transfer you onto another date as soon as possible.  We will not be able to offer you a refund.


Copyright © XO CIZE® 2022

XO CIZE is a registered trademark (UK00003266586). The XO CIZE formula, teaching model, choreography, logo and brand design are Copyrighted 2018 and have intelligence property rights.  The contents of both brand and product are the intellectual property of XO CIZE and is copyright to Sarah Frost (Trading as XO CIZE). No part of these materials may be reproduced, stored, copied, edited or distributed in any form or by any means including photocopying, publishing, recording or by any other electronic or mechanical methods, without the explicit written permission of XO CIZE. Breach of any regulations contravenes Statutory Trademark Rights owned by XO CIZE and renders you liable for prosecution. XO CIZE will rigorously protect its intellectual property rights.

The course is in English.