“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun, you find the fun and SNAP, the job’s a game…” Mary Poppins

XO ciZe transforms old school aerobics workouts into a highly addictive new fitness experience for all fitness levels. We cut out the complicated choreography and fit modern fitness techniques and exercise sequences to music that you know, love and request. We work together to make YOUR experience of exercise a really good one. You choose the tuuuunes, we disguise the chore and together we make exercise effective but FUN.

XO ciZe is ‘exercise’ in disguise!


What is an XO ciZe class?


An aerobic workout to get the heart pumping, to the best classic and modern tunes!


A resistance section with hand weights to improve core strength, posture, balance and tone, all at the same time.


Floor work, where we work out abs, tone our bottoms, care for our spines, stretch and improve flexibility.


To us the most important component. XO ciZe is never a chore!


Happy XO ciZers


20 mins - Equipment needed: weights (2ks – 5kgs) and mat

This is a hit of super power! High intensity - work as hard as you can to a timer in short bursts. Work to your own level and watch yourself progress. Includes exercises for upper and lower body, a mix of cardio and weight exercises. This 20 minute blast will rocket fuel your energy levels, boost your fitness and get you massive results in the shortest time possible. Super for endurance, metabolism, regulating insulin levels and losing body fat. For people who already have a base level of fitness.


30 mins - Equipment needed: weights (2kgs – 5kgs) and mat

This super fun, super charged 30 min Bootcamp is programmed in ‘rounds’. Moderate to high intensity, with both high and low impact exercises (both options given), combining a fairly intense mix of aerobic, strength training and speed elements within each session to music you know and love. For people who already have a base level of fitness.


50 mins - Equipment required: weights (0.5kg – 2kg MAX), resistance band optional, and mat

Your dose of therapy! For mind, body and soul. This is a clever formula that even the reluctant exerciser cannot help but love and become addicted to. This is the original XO ciZe workout an ‘exercise to music’ fitness class made up of routines from the original XO ciZe library, where exercise has been programmed to music you know love and request. Includes a mix of cardio, weight resistance and body conditioning for a full body workout. High and low impact options given. Super fun! For all fitness levels.


45 mins - Equipment required: weights (2ks – 6kgs) and mat

This low impact workout is programmed in reps and sets that complement each other for optimum training. Dumbbell training improves core stability, balance, blood glucose management, sleep, heart tissue health, metabolic rate and body composition. You will need dumbbells and a mat. A couple of different size pairs of dumbbells is ideal ranging from 2kg to 6kg but if you only have one set don’t worry. We have been using all sorts of makeshift weights during lockdown! Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.


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