Difficult not to get goosebumps… so inspirational, watch these two XO’ers share why they love the XO CIZE workout so much and demonstrate how long term commitment to your fitness regime = incredible long term results.

The XO community IS the XO team which has grown and grown over the years. The Official XO CIZE workout has been designed and created through years of delivering fitness classes to large community groups. Every single participant and experience has contributed to the creation of this wonderful product which is being referred to as ‘genius’ as it is welcomed into the industry as ‘the next generation of exciting exercise to music workouts’ , an enticing fitness experience  for participants and a super resource for instructors.  XO CIZE  has been designed and developed by the people, for the people – the many, not the few.

Team XO has brought people together in the community and from different communities. Team XO has given people hope, inspired people and witnessed many  incredible individual achievements. It has become a crux to people’s lives, their ‘social’, their support network, their ‘feel good’ and lives have been improved as have overall health outcomes and happiness.  Taking the ‘chore’ out of it, we are on a crusade to change ideas about exercise so that  when people hear this word they think of enjoyment not dread!

Thank you to so much to every single participant who has attended the classes over the years.  Most of whom are still coming and now cannot even remember how many years  they’ve  been consistently XO-ing for!   Thank you so much to every single person who has attended an XO CIZE class, followed XO CIZE, liked XO CIZE, shared XO CIZE and spread the word about XO CIZE… every bit of support and love is cherished and valued so much and has been fundamental to the all the successes and achievements so far.  Many more to come!
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