Here is a selection of reviews left by geniune XO ciZers.

This is an absolutely fantastic way to exercise and up your fitness level. You would never see me in a gym, too boring for me, but this exercise class is so much fun and you don’t realise how hard you are working. We have a fantastic instructor in Shazz, she makes the class an absolute joy. She is so positive and happy she really makes the class the success it is. Our group consists of a lovely group of ladies. We are all at different levels of ability and different ages but that doesn’t matter. We all do our best and have a laugh at the same time. The hamper I won was amazing and I was totally shocked but very happy. Looking forward to another great class on Tuesday.

Donna – North Manchester

I have been coming to XO approximately 3 years I think? With a break for pregnancy!

From the very first class (back in St James!), I knew this was for me, it felt “real” and there were so many different ages, shapes, sizes and everyone was there for the same reason, to get fit but to have FUN with it. I have never had that feeling where I have felt silly being in the class, no-one judging anyone’s fitness level or what they are wearing etc. Trust me I have been in classes that have felt like that! I don’t have the best co-ordination at times (lol) or memory! so when I go wrong it doesn’t matter, I laugh it off and so does the person I have nearly took out in the process!

Sarah is key to all of this, she keeps it fun with an energetic positive vibe, encouraging everyone, trying new things, pushing everyone just enough but not in that way that makes you worry when you can’t manage certain moves. She recognises this straight away and will then encourage the “lower option” rather than stopping.

That’s why I LOVE the class and stay loyal. I can honestly say that on the days that I don’t feel like moving out of the house, I still stick on my XO T-Shirt and leggings and get moving, that speaks volumes. I hardly ever miss a week and if I do, I’m generally pissed off about it.

I like the routines, the music and the fact that some of them I have mastered (you think I would have mastered more after 3 years but comes back to that co-ordination and memory thing!). I seriously think the music makes such a difference to this class versus other classes. You pitch it just right to the audience you have (in my opinion!)

Coming to XO is like meeting up with a family every week, I find Sarah an inspiration having health issues to deal with must be extremely challenging at times, but she keeps going. That does wonders for my own mental health. I have crappy stuff going on sometimes (be that at work or family issues) and I feel like a session at XO is like a therapy session.

Anne - Gatley

I started going to XOcize in January 2017 and absolutely loved it from day 1!

I had been looking for something to help get me back in shape after having my 2nd child. I have never been very good at motivating myself to go to the gym. I had tried a local Zumba class and while it was good exercise, it never really felt like much fun.

XOcize is just so much fun! Sarah works us hard but in a really relaxed atmosphere. Sarah is so friendly and really puts everyone at ease. I have never known a class to be that friendly.

I love how Sarah shows us different options for the exercises, lower and higher impact, and she always stresses that everyone can go at their own pace. She is very careful about explaining the correct position to be in so as not to hurt ourselves. She is always happy to give any advice or listen to any feedback. I always feel like I have worked hard. I come out dripping in sweat but feeling really happy!

I am always telling anyone who'll listen about my amazing exercise class and the fab lady who runs it. I would recommend it to anyone, I can't even put in words how much I enjoy this class!!!

Tracy - Gatley

I’ve been coming to XO since September 2017 I was encouraged by my work friend who’d been attending classes what drew me to this was the fact the classes were in the dark I was very conscious of my body and having previously attended a few classes at the gym and not really enjoyed them I wasn’t so sure that XO would of been for me but I can honestly say from the moment I stepped into the Heald green class all my worries were put to bed! XO is amazing and that’s all because of YOU and how your made me feel there was no pressure just encouragement and assistance if I was struggling with something you were there to assist especially after my operation you shown me other ways to exercise and still take part.

I love the atmosphere the lighting the music and of course everyone who takes part there is no judgement we all go at our own pace and you show us easier and harder versions so we adapt to what works best.

I enjoy the variety of exercise the cardio floor work and also weights we do all parts of the body which I great and I always feel fantastic after every workout.

I just want to thank you again for such an amazing class it really lifts my mood and makes me feel good about myself!


I have been coming to XO for about 2 years now, it is the only exercise class I have ever enjoyed! I like the mix of cardio, weights and mat work, I feel it had developed muscles I didnt know existed. Theres not much i dislike except new routines lol, but that's only because I've not learnt them yet! I honestly mean it when I say I enjoy coming, even if I am knackered I still want go come. Last week I had just got back from 4 days in the lakes but still came. I believe the difference is YOU. Other classes lack your spark, you always make us laugh and donrt make any of us feel I inferior, you have a super talent and I want to thank you for turning up every week.

Mandy – Stretford

Where do I start ?? I have been coming to xo pretty much from the beginning. XO is my night, a night that family members know I don’t miss unless I really have to. In fact I think the times I have missed were due to recovering from surgery or illness. I enjoy xo because unlike any other exercise class it’s actually fun. Not competitive, not full of posers. It’s almost like one big family or one big happy gang. We all work hard ( most of the time) we all enjoy it and have a laugh , chat even when we shouldn’t but above all just enjoy it. The routines are varied , targeted for certain areas at times , high or low level dependent on ability and Sarah will differentiate an exercise depending on an individuals needs. The music is great and works so well with the routines. The whole experience is made so much more enjoyable because of Sarah’s personality and the thought and hard work she puts in week after week. She cares about everyone and their needs and lives. Her personality comes through in everything she does and that’s what makes the xo difference.

I honestly don’t know what I would change because there is nothing I don’t enjoy about it. I get so much out of it. Obviously I get the physical benefits of exercise but also the mental health and well-being of doing something I enjoy with some amazing people, some of those I now consider to be good friends, that is definitely the XO affect. I don’t think any other classes can compete with all of this because the one thing they are missing is the Instructor's enthusiasm, personality, knowledge and experience which makes XO the success that it is .

Louise – Heald Green

I have been coming to XO classes since January 2017, I remember the 1st time I attended one of your classes, I was super nervous as I was considered morbidly obese, I didn't know what to expect and whether I could actually do any of the class. But when we arrived you made us feel so welcome and you made me feel really comfortable. You told me to do what I could and if in doubt just "march it out". Which made me feel more at ease. After the first session, you made a point of coming to talk to me after the class to see how I got on, again you made me feel that this exercise class could be something that could change my life. As you agreed to help with alternative moves with the ones that I couldn't do, like the floor exercises and doing them from a chair. As the weeks went on the exercises became more easier and I started to notice a difference in my ability. You always made sure I was OK in every class and made a point off talking to me after each class.

The reason I have stayed so long is that I have made a good friend in Sarah and the people that attend the classes are great, we have a community of people who enjoy coming to class each week. Every class is different and can be adapted to peoples abilities so why wouldn't you continue to come back week in week out. Attending these classes for so long has kept me focused on my weight loss journey. Also Sarah's words of encouragement and inspiration makes you want to continue.

The classes are varied and are adapted to all abilities. Its also done in the dark, so you don't feel like people are watching you if you make a mistake or there is an exercise that you can't do. Also the community of people that attend these classes are great, its all about having fun whilst exercising and these classes definitely offer this. Plus Sarah is "One of a Kind", very approachable, loving and caring person, who always has time to talk to people about different things.

Well what can I say "XO has changed my Life" and I will be forever grateful to you and your classes, if you hadn't have offered these fab classes and the person you are, I would probably be in a difference place right now. So coming up to 3 years off doing your classes and over 15 stones lost in this time. You are one incredible person and if you can change the life of one person, I am sure you and your classes could reach out to other people in my situation. The classes you have are fab and need to be reached out to other people to help change their lives. We love you "SARAH"

Nikki – Wythenshawe