25 x ladies and 1 x gentleman took part in the live online XO Abs Challenge during the last 3 weeks of July 2020. They all followed the 15 workouts over 3 weeks (DAY 1 to 15, the workouts progresses safely as you go along).  Each workout is no more than 15 mins long, you don’t need much space it’s all done on the floor.

We did it live Mon to Fri at 7.30am each day but gave ourselves weekends off.  Ideally you do it first thing in the morning as soon as you get up on nothing but a black coffee (although the beauty of this being pre-recorded you can do it when it suits you.)  It is important during the week to cut back on the negative lockdown snacking habits we seem to have formed, ie. reduce carbs, get rid of the alcohol and eat clean, this will affect the level of success you achieve.  It also makes you appreciate your weekends off.

All of the participants completed the challenge and every single one of them achieved fantastic results.  Here is a small random sample of the feedback:

“I can see the improvement and I’m really pleased and motivated to tone up even more. The best thing about it was the time and the length. If I felt a bit like giving it a miss, I thought, come on, 10 mins 😀. Overall, loved the whole thing, the motivation, the fact that there was an end date and all the advice that you put in the xo page”.

“Sarah, here are my results: 2inchs off top, 3inchs off middle, 2inch off hips”                                                                 

“Ok so I didn’t do any measurements or take photos but I can feel the difference  and my stomach does feel more toned imagine how it will be after a month! I loved the early morning start it gave me more motivation for the rest of the day. I don’t have anything negative to say, it’s been a good way to kick start myself back into exercise and I’m so thankful for you for doing this. Sign me up for the month now I’m on a roll.”

“After 3 weeks of abs I have reduced my waist measurement by 3cm and hips by 5 cm. Encouraged to continue with the programme. I am going to have one week off and then re-start 3 week abs challenge.”

“I absolutely loved this challenge, bringing me out of my comfort zone, being able to see the difference in strength alone after 3 weeks, made me feel amazing.  This challenge combined with the other classes I’ve been doing have not only helped seen my fitness levels rise but the change in my body had been noticed by my Husband and I can’t tell you how great that makes me feel.  Makes me wonder what I can achieve in another 3 weeks!!”

“Measurement differences: I Lost 3inches from waist and 2inches from hips! Absolutely amazed!”

“I could feel myself getting stronger and being able to complete the tougher exercises by the end of the challenge. Then when did my final measurements couldn’t believe the results, I even double checked them.”

Brilliant programme with achievable results.”

“Loved the Abs Challenge, it felt great to start off my day with some exercise as it always sets up to have a great day and means i have the energy to deal with any problems that come my way at work, it may sound odd but it makes me feel strong! I didn’t do any before or after measurements as my main aim with exercise is my enjoyment of it. I can take a pic if you want to share some?  I have noticed progression with how much more i could do in each class every morning. I have noticed more definition in my abs too. I also feel like it has helped me with my stability in general.”

Additionally, following the success of The XO Abs Challenge many subscribers then completed the challenge themselves via accessing the pre-recorded workouts and also achieved super results.

Are you up for the challenge?  For full access to the 15 workouts, pay £20 into paypal.me/SarahFrostXO (PLEASE UNCHECK THE GOODS AND SERVICES BOX) and in the PayPal ‘message’ let me know your email address connected to your Google Drive.  If you don’t have a Google Drive it is quick and easy to set up and FREE.  If you don’t have PayPal, you can make a bank transfer.  You get 20 days to complete the challenge.

RISK DISCLAIMER: Remember that by taking part in online XO ciZe classes you automatically take FULL responsibility and accept full liability for any risks or injury to yourself.  If you have any previous neck injuries or lower back issues it is essential that you seek advice from your healthcare professional to ensure you are safe to take part. There are modifications and advice given to keep you safe, and recommendations to use a block, towel or cushion for extra support if this is required, however, you must remember this is an abs challenge and will include exercises such as abdominal crunches and reverse curls, and whilst the instruction, guidance and programming is delivered in the safest possible manner you need to be mindful of what is involved.  The exercises are programmed in such a way to minimise risks and strain put on these areas however, if you have any concerns for your neck and lower back, and/or if you have ANY medical conditions, concerns or questions whatsoever relating to your health which may be affected by you taking part in this challenge, and/or are taking medication, it is essential that you get the go-ahead from your specialist or health care professional prior to taking part.   Please do take care; know your limits; listen to your body and if in doubt leave it out! 

Please remember, the results you get are down to YOU. XO ciZe cannot guarantee your success in this challenge.  It is not all about achieving a chiselled 6 pack, although if you have a low body fat percentage of 14-18% and are in good physical health and fitness, then this is achievable.  However, you CAN certainly shrink your waistline, tone that tum, strengthen your core, feel the difference in your clothes and get a great sense of achievement from completing the challenge. We recommend you take before and after photos of yourself and measurements of your waist and hips before and after too, for your eyes only.  It’s good to have some tangible results.  To really get the most out of this challenge, for the 3 weeks it is important during the week to cut back on any negative lockdown snacking habits that may have formed, reduce carbs and fats, get rid of the alcohol and eat clean, plenty of fruit, veg and water, as this will affect the level of success you achieve.