ONLY £25 per month, if you sign up before 4st Jan (normally £35)

You get access to all the online classes for the month (see Jan timetable here).

You will be sent a short assessment that includes; medical conditions to ensure safe nutrition analysis, stats to work out your energy requirements and some questions to find out what you want to achieve in the 4 weeks so we can set some realistic goals. It is nothing too laborious, just info required to enable me to advise you and help you achieve the goals we set together.  It will help you to get focussed and really get onboard doing the programme for 4 weeks.

You will also be sent a nutrition spreadsheet which you complete each week and submit for analysis and advice.

We will be in contact via email every week to check you have met your goals for that week and to set goals for the week ahead and I will advise you accordingly regarding your personal fitness and nutrition in relation to achieving these goals.

4 weeks is a great amount of time to get started, working in smaller blocks of time and being realistic is the best way to achieve success. It will really set you off to a good start in Jan.

The above is all online and contact is via email.