Due to the current situation in regards to Coronavirus the classes in South Manchester will be postponed and will not be going running until after Easter when we will review the situation and be better placed to ensure we are keeping everyone safe.  The concern is that it is currently silently spreading in the UK and it really isn’t worth taking the risk for the sake of another one or two weeks.  I have not made the decision lightly but having spent time with other fitness professionals this weekend and discussing at length I really feel it is the right decision to make to take action now.  I know it is such a difficult time for all of us and we are all very concerned and anxious not just about health but the financial implications also.   With XO ciZe being a mixed age and ability class and some of us are managing underlying conditions, the most important thing to do right now is take good care of ourselves and our families, brace ourselves, keep our heads about us and do the right thing.  We can pick back up and rebuild when we are all safely out the other side of this global issue.  I will be offering classes online so we can all XO ciZe together still from our homes… no excuses! I will get these up and running asap so please keep an eye on the Face Book page, or on this website and I will of course be emailing and messaging by text or messenger to make sure you all receive notification about online class options and updates for reinstating the classes when we will definitely be bringing the “WOOHOOO” back to the halls and venues in our communities very soon.  For now stay safe and look after yourselves.  See you very soon online and can’t wait until we are back together in the halls.  Sarah