Sometimes the person we look after least is ourselves.  Do you find you can do so much for others but when it comes to you, you are right at the bottom of the pile, exhausted?!  and you can’t find one drop of motivation or energy left?

So what about switching it around?  What about dong it for others?  Get your trainers on and keep yourself fit and strong both physically and mentally and if you can’t find the motivation then think about doing it for others,  for the people in your life that you love, do it for me, for XO that you love!  Help me to keep XO going, you see without you there is no XO and without you there are no friends and family.  If you aren’t here, then what have you got?

It IS all about mindset and sometimes we just manipulate our way of thinking to help give us the kick we need.  We need exercise now more than every for our mind, body and soul.  Whatever it takes, you can do it and whatever you need to say to yourself or whoever you need to do it for, it doesn’t matter.  Whatever gets you doing it and keeps you doing it that’s all that counts!  Come on team XO! and if you haven’t joined the XO fam yet then get on board!  Stronger together x