Quick! Claim your XO spaces before someone else does! We have learned over the past 4 years, with this class being so popular, it is super important to us that we manage the spaces well so they don’t get uncomfortably crowded!

To claim a space at an XO ciZe South Mcr class in 2020 please click the ‘Book Now’ button and put your name down (excludes Sarah’s St Luke’s Thursday class as this is already FULL)

You can then either:
1. Pay cash on the door – individual class prices are shown on the first page of the booking system before you book.
2. For Sarah’s classes you can pay £20 up front at the start of the month to secure your space for the month (whether 4 or 5wk month, meaning you will get a free bonus class once every few months. This keeps you motivated as you have paid up front (we know a lot of customers like this commitment to themselves), and you don’t let anyone have your space!)
3. If you want to do more than 1 class per week you can buy a block of 12 classes for £45 – expires after 3 months, this not only motivates you but is the best value for money making each class £3.75. It also gives you that bit more flexibility.
NB. You MUST put your name down on the booking system regardless of what payment scheme you have chosen – so that classes do not get over crowded! (excludes St Luke’s class as all 30 spaces are filled).

Please note that if you can’t make it for whatever reason to an XO class, no refunds can be given sadly as outgoings still need to be covered. So if you don’t use it, you lose it! Please do only book if you really are coming to the class as all spaces will get taken up so it is a shame to stop someone coming who really wants to come.

Light up XO wrist bands are £4 a pair.
Hand weights and mats can also be purchased at class…
don’t forget a bottle of water 😃

I am looking forward to throwing out the cheese board and XO-ing back into shape with you all in 2020. Have a super NY in the meantime, any questions please send a direct message on this page or email

For XO ciZe North Manchester classes please email