South Manchester

Sarah Frost

Hi I'm Sarah and I run Xo ciZe in South Manchester. I have always been mad into exercise and fitness. I qualified at the end of 2015 but it took me another 12 months to pluck up the courage to do it! I am SO glad I did. I've met so many amazing people already on this journey. The whole premise behind XO (happy) ciZe is that we make XO ciZe fun.  At XO we work properly, we work hard but we have fun and laugh, sing, make friends, build confidence. Come and join us and see.  It is suitable for all fitness levels. We have flashing disco sticks, it's in a dark room disco environment, there's lots of "whoop-whooping", loads of fun and it's a good all over full body workout without you knowing it!


TUESDAY • 8-9pm

St. Andrew’s Hall, Brownley Road, Wythenshawe, M22 0DW


Heald Green


St. Catherine’s Church, Outwood Road, Heald Green, SK8 3JS



THURSDAY • 7.30-8.30pm

St. Luke’s Church Hall, Brownley Road, Benchill, M22 4PT


Hey everyone, I’m Lauren and I will be running XO ciZe in our brand new location, Chorlton-cum-hardy. I am super excited to be a part of Xo ciZe!

Exercise and dance has always been a massive part of my life. From performing all over the world, to teaching dance & fitness to all age groups for over 10 years! I can’t say that a week has ever gone by where I haven’t danced or exercised! After I’ve exercised I always feel great and like I can take on the world! It increases self esteem, fitness levels and physical & emotional well-being.

I have lots of experiencing tailoring classes to individuals if someone has a medical condition or an injury for example, I am always happy to provide an alternative exercise. I believe that everyone should be able to join in. I love motivating, inspiring and helping people move forward. Come along and join in with the fun, all abilities and ages welcome! I look forward to seeing you all there! XO


TUESDAY • 7.45-8.45pm

St Werburgh’s Church Hall
386 Wilbraham Road
Manchester M21 0UH


North Manchester

Shazz McBride

Hi I’m Shazz and I run the XO classes in North Manchester. I absolutely love exercise and realise the benefits not just the physical aspects but I believe exercise plays and important role in health and wellbeing. I found that committing to exercise has helped me keep on an even keel and given me lots of energy and sparkle. I’m dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and believe in themselves.

I love the fact that in my XO ciZe classes I have a wide range of members, different ages and different abilities, we all work out and have so much fun. Each week I see members improve and become more confident, that’s something I’m really proud of. The members get involved, make new friends and suggest music to work out to. That’s what XO ciZe is, it’s inclusive and the members make the class. I’m so proud of what we have achieved already together and I look forward to what’s to come!


TUESDAY • 7-8pm

St Matthew’s with St Mary’s Church Hall Cleveland Road, Crumpsall, Manchester, M8 4QU



FRIDAY • 6.30-7.30pm

St Paul’s Church Hall Victoria Avenue, Blackley, Manchester, M9 6RA