XO ciZe is quite simply ‘exercise in disguise’.

Using the secret XO rainbow model we have created a SUPER workout that cleverly doesn’t feel like hard work… except you can be sure EVERYONE feels it the next day or day after and in time everyone feels and sees the difference too.  XO ciZe is an effective workout for all abilities.

XO is not a dance class.  It is very simply exercise moves cleverly choreographed to your favourite music.  The classes are compiled to the playlists of the lives of the XO’er.  You tell us what gets you tapping your feet and we work our magic.  Come to a class have a SUPER time moving to your favourite tunes and voila!.. you won’t feel like it’s a chore, however you will feel and see the results.

It’s not just about exercise; XO is a lifestyle choice, for longevity, something you can really ‘get into’ in your community.  XO’ers have not only seen incredible weight losses; 3, 6, 8, 12+ weight losses, but boosts in confidence, friendships, increased fitness levels for those already undertaking additional fitness activities, increased mobility, ease on knee joints and back pain, increased flexibility and mobility, the ‘feel good’ factor, support for mental health and anxiety, XO ciZe has been beneficial to so many in so many ways.  It successfully supports the most reluctant exerciser to those who like to run Marathons.  What we are though is REAL people.  Our motto is to ‘be real’; in a world so social media dominated it matters to us to be real.