What is XO ciZe?

XO ciZe is ‘exercise’ in disguise.  This is an exciting, moderate intensity, exercise to music class, for all fitness levels. With a unique teaching style. We cardio to your favourite tunes. It’s done in a dark room (no bright lights or big mirrors) and fun environment. There’s a standing body sculpting section, core strength training using weights and mat work for stabilising, mobility, flexibility and toning.  This is an effective programme with proven effects.  For holistic wellbeing and benefits; for all fitness levels; for building confidence; for building strength both physical and emotional; for balance; for stability; for mobility, for posture; to have your time for YOU away from the house…..  Our aim is to hide the chore of exercising and make sure you have fun and leave with such a good feeling.

All you need is to grab a water bottle, trainers on and a little bit of motivation to get out and go!  Brace yourself, you’re about to enjoy a fitness workout…..