XO ciZe brings back the fun old skool aerobic workout to the community, with bang up to date ‘exercise to music’, NO complicated dance moves, no knee knackering twists or jerks. It is for all fitness levels.  It includes a whisker of strength training for your core (the powerhouse) and a smattering of floor work (to tone the wobbly bits) all this along with a unique teaching style to THE best playlists.  It is done in a dark room (no bright lights or awful mirrors) in a colourful, approachable and fun environment.

A vast majority of people feel the ‘gym’ is intimidating or is not a place where they belong.  This why we created XO ciZe.  To bring exercise back to the community in a format that is not intimidating and to make it more accessible.  We disguise the ‘exercise’ with so much fun, it is not only a full body workout, you get to build friendships and community support and you leave feeling incredible.   Age and life happen to us all, it throws us all sorts of challenges.  Don’t wait for the day that you pick up the cat and your back’s gone AGAIN.  And NEVER feel like it is too late.  Take action now and get XO ciZing, because this is something you CAN and will want to do as a habitual lifestyle choice which will support you through life and can potentially be life changing.  XO ciZe… we disguise a super effective and adaptable workout for all levels, with so much fun!  Come and see for yourself….

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Enjoyment comes first.

In the words of Mary Poppins “In every task that must be done there is an element of fun, you find the fun and …snap… the job’s a game…” XOers get excited for their weekly classes because they are so unbelievably good fun.


Fitness for all abilities.

At XO we really care about you. XO ciZe is for all levels of fitness - whether you are new to exercise or a serial marathon runner. There is something at XO for everyone.

Disco ball

Dark room, mood lighting & LED wristbands.

What could be more fun than dancing around to your favourite tunes in our super XO disco room, with colourful mood lighing (no flashing lights) wielding your glowing wristbands?


Classic tunes & the latest hits.

From today’s chart toppers to belting old skool classic 90’s. There’s not much we cannot choreograph a workout to. You tell us what get’s your feet tapping and we’ll get you movin’

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Friendly social community.

XO is also a super social network. All the XOers are great people who are so supportive and encouraging. At Christmas we jump on the party bus and take our moves to the dance floor!

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Wellbeing for Schools & the Workplace

We take XO ciZe into schools on Wellbeing INSET days for staff. They to enjoy a stress busting session, leaving them fully charged and feeling good. We also offer XO ciZe for the corporate sector, including half hour mobility sessions during the working day.

Happy XO ciZers

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